Russell Alicea

Head of Production

As a connoisseur of all things podcasting, Russell works on every aspect of the podcast from pre-production, production, and editing. He is consistently challenging the team to find better ways to create the best and unique podcast in a crowded space.

Sarah Gowder

Editor and Content Producer

Sarah attended Georgia State University where she began her studies in Music Recording. From there, Sarah went on to attend London South Bank University where she focused mainly on studying the Technology of Sound. When she returned to the US, she became youngest person to ever be named Executive Producer of a national radio show. Throughout Sarah's time with this radio show, she was able to hone her content creation skills and now serves as the Content Producer for The Citizen J Podcast.

Stacey Gularte

Director of Outreach and Social Media

Eager and ready for a change of pace, Stacey left her job in freight logistics to run social media for the network. Since coming to the team, her role has expanded to procuring guests for the podcast who will keep viewers and listeners wanting more. So if you want to be on the podcast, she’s who you need to send Diet Coke to. When Stacey isn’t posting on Instagram or working with guests, you can find her with her pup Kevin out on the trails in her Jeep.

Jim Merk

Creative Director

On April 2, 2021, we found Jim lying face down in a failed business ditch, cleaned him up, and stuck him in a tiny room with no desk, no chair, thin walls, two cohabitants, and a supercomputer. Turns out Jim's a unicorn. Part creative. Part technical. But Jim has special needs. If we give him his me time, occasional gratuitous affirmation, and a weekly chicken enchilada, Jim returns with ideas, brands, designs, headlines, source code and a pocket full of sweet bass guitar grooves. Jim leads brand strategy, creative and development for the Citizen J Podcast.

Jason Ruha

Executive Producer

Google may have 31,500,000 results for Ruha, but for those who know him, there is only one true Ruha. And if you know him, you love him. Fun fact: Ruha once spoke across the Grand Canyon in the same bellowing voice with which he leads our Monday meetings. Everyone west of the Mason Dixon reached for their to-do list. With 10,951 days in broadcast and film, Ruha tells us what will go wrong before it does. His career began in documentary production, moved to advertising, and now he is envisioning what it takes to create a unique and game-changing podcast.

Kristi Walker


Kristi is the “behind the scenes” force to be reckoned with. Every detail big and small that’s involved in producing the Citizen J Podcast happens at the end of Kristi’s fingertips. She is a 25-year veteran in the broadcast space and her experience is the reason why this works.