Host of the Citizen J Podcast

For the past seven years, Jillian has built an excellent reputation as a competent expert in the male-dominated off-road overlanding space. With the Citizen J Podcast, Jillian is sparking a new brand of unscripted campfire conversation where people come to share their story, engage in meaningful dialog, grow together, inspire each other, and challenge the status quo. Through honest conversation, we learn about adventure travel, overlanding, women’s issues, freedom, current events and the road less traveled. This podcast is about spontaneity, discovery, vulnerability, preparedness and mutual respect. Everyone is welcome at her campfire.

Determining her own unique story

After awaking from her metropolitan, middle-American dream—the stressful career in New York which nearly became the death of her—Jillian Rebekah was forced to recalibrate her life. But after Jillian's free spirit disrupted every resemblance of a typical escape plan, Jillian found herself on another perilous path few women dare take. This time it was an adventurous path loaded with risks and rewards. Jillian traded in her city life for a Quicksand 4x4 Tacoma she calls the Mountain Yot. She traded a queen-sized bed for a rooftop tent. She gave up common creature comforts to explore the uncommon beauty of the American West. More importantly, Jillian sacrificed stability and security for the freedom to explore, to become self-reliant, and to encourage women as they determine their own stories.

Founder of Ladies Night Campouts

Private camp out organized and led by Jillian Rebekah for adventurous women seeking connection, growth and discovery. Since its founding in 2018, Ladies Night Camp out has hosted 12 events across six states.

Curator of adventure for the popular instagram channel @jillianRebekah

Since 2015, Jillian has grown her Instagram to over 45,000 followers, over 160,000 accounts reached, with over 2,000 Instagram posts, daily anecdotes and stories of wild adventure.