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Challenge the Norm
Zachary Diehl

“The World Doesn’t Know Your Perspective”: Deep Thoughts with Zachary Diehl

Transmitted August 3, 2023

Tapping in at 5’11” and 33K followers, we have Zachary Diehl. A Maine boy who has no problem wearing short sleeves in 40F degrees and the inclement weather Overland Expo West always has to offer. Over the last year, Zach has taken overlanders by storm with his satirical content poking fun at all the (let’s be honest) truths of the community. In their conversation, Jillian and Zach touch on the importance of being able to poke fun at yourself, which is how he has built his following. With the support of the community, lovers and haters, Zach has been able to generate a large enough following to make this a full-time gig for himself. We have a feeling this is only the beginning for Zachary Diehl.

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